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Product description - Hose Connectors Quick-Click and Menders
In stock Ref. 8603 Automatic Quick-Click Coupling 1/2” W / Aquastop - Automatic coupling for 1/2” hoses with aquastop valve. Inserted a..
In stock Ref. 8605 Automatic Quick-Click Coupling 3/4 - Automatic coupling for 3/4” hoses with aquastop valve. Inserted at the end of th..
In stock Ref. 8609 Automatic Quick-Click Coupling 3/4" - Automatic coupling for 3/4” hoses Ø int. 19 - mm - ext. 25 mm.
In stock Ref. 8621 Mender for 3/4 - For 5/8” and 3/4” hoses.
In stock Ref. 8613 Two-Way Connector - For connecting two hoses in series with ”Quick-Click®” coupling.
In stock Ref. 8615 Three-Way Connector - For deviating and splitting up water lines
In stock Ref. 8607 Quick-Click Automatic Coupling 1/2" - Maximum practicality, maximum durability: Claber design at its very best in the..
In stock Ref. 8619 Mender for 1/2 - Saves a damaged hose, joining the two pieces obtained once it is cut at the leaking point. For 1/2” ..
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