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Product description - Tap Connectors
In stock Ref. 8623 Threaded Tap Connector 1/2 - For 1/2” threaded taps.
In stock Ref. 8627 Threaded Tap Connector 3/4 - The potential of single taps can now be multiplied by the Claber 2 and 4-way connectors...
In stock Ref. 8629 Threaded Tap Connector 1 - For 1” threaded taps.
In stock Ref. 8804 Multi-threaded Tap Connector - With 3/4” thread and reducer with 1/2” thread.
In stock Ref. 8803 Multi Threaded Tap Connector - With 1” thread and reducer with 3/4” thread.
In stock Ref. 8637 Sprinkler Connector - Connects to ”Quick-Clickฎ” system any sprinkler or accessory with inside 3/4” thread.
In stock Ref. 8509 3/4 - Converts the 3/4” tap connector into a 1” tap connector.
In stock Ref. 8525 Smooth Tap Connector - For taps with round spouts (ext. ุ min. 14 max. 19 mm). With metal clip to fasten it safely t..
In stock Ref. 8599 Double Tap Connector - To connect 2 hoses at the same time to the tap. includes on/off valves and washer. Easy attach..
In stock Ref. 8589 Male Threaded Two-Way Adapter 3/4” - For taps with 3/4” thread; enables assembly of two water timers, pressure reduc..
In stock Ref. 8581 Four Outlet Distributors - Converts one water tap into four outlets, each separately controlled, enabling different ..
In stock Ref. 8583 Koala Quick-Click - Square and mixer taps connector ideal to bring water from indoor taps to balconies not provided ..
In stock Ref. 8585 Koala 3/4” M. - Version with 3/4” threaded adaptor for inlet hoses of washing machines and dishwasher.
In stock Ref. 8811 O-Ring and Washer set - Consists of 10 pieces.
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