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Product description - Computers and Timers
In stock Ref. 8411 Aquauno Logica Plus - A totally revolutionary automatic one-line water timer containing 15 preset cycles selected us..
In stock Ref. 8414 Aquano Pratico Plus - Ongoing development based on the user’s real needs is the scope of continuing ”Aquauno Plus®“ t..
In stock Ref. 90915 Rain Sensor - This Rain Sensor is designed to operate with all water timers. Avoid unnecessary wastage of water by t..
In stock Ref. 8413 Aquauno Video-6 Plus - Using this automatic one-line water timer you can set 6 watering cycles a day. Featuring jus..
In stock Ref. 8410 Aquadue Duplo - With the ”Aquadue Duplo®“ two-way water timer, Claber updates an original concept that has found succ..
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