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Product description - Rakes
In stock Ref. 135050 Universal Rake (With Sliding Wings) - 12 teeth, equipped with a drag and sliding wings. For raking long loose grass..
In stock Ref. 135010 Large Leaf Rake - Very wide rake with 25 bent teeth for raking wide surfaces. Improved geometry of teeth allows for..
In stock Ref. 135020 Leaf Rake - 25 long, elastic and dense teeth for efficient lawn-raking. Measures: 425 x 215 mm Weight: 200 g
In stock Ref. 135030 Small Leaf Rake -
In stock Ref. 135000 Aluminium Handle -
In stock Ref. 135570 Garden Light, Large Lawn Rake - Lightweight large lawn rake for quick clearing and collection of leaves and debris ..
In stock Ref. 135510 Garden Light, Iron Rake - Lightweight rake for smoothing and moving soil. 14 spikes of hardened carbon steel. Plast..
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